This is a for profit organization. We only sell items that we have purchased from others or others are consigning.

But we would like to take clothes donations when we pick up the other items we purchased at the same time.

These will NOT be sold in our store, but distributed to the charity organization "River Of Hearts".

If you are cleaning out your closets, you may drop off those things you don't wear anymore to "River Of Hearts" directly.

Click this link you will find the detailed information about drop-off Locations.



You may choose to consign for a charity. You can bring in your items and we will consign them for you, just the same

as a regular consigner. Then once the item sells, your 80% will go to charity.

Starfish Orphanage

Starfish was started in September 2005 with six special needs babies from the local orphanage in Xian. Since then we have taken care of 55 children, had 16 adoptions to Europe and the US and have done more than 40 surgeries. We continue to take care of the most medically fragile babies and currently have 20 babies in house. We are a certified 501 (c) 3 in the US and Starfish is happy to be working with Shanghai Secondhand to help raise funds for the cost of taking care of the babies.

Good News!!!
The first donation of 16100rmb has been donated to Starfish which is going to be used for the surgery of a kid named Teresa from Starfish at Shanghai Children Medical Center at the end of October,2009. Thanks for all the help from our kind customers who has trusted us and donated the items for sale for charity.

Here is the receipt of the donation and some words form Amanda (The founder of Satrfish) about Teresa.


One day the Catholic priest called me. He asked me if I was willing to take on another baby who had a cyst in her spine.
I was not able to do that. I could not take her from the street in to the foster home.I had to have her taken to the hospital and then to the orphanage. I thought it would be a matter of a few days, but the days turned in to weeks and into two months before the orphanage allowed me to have her. I had found out that she contracted some serious bacterial infections while she was at the orphanage and after talking to the hospital doctors, they agreed to give her some very strong antibiotics. She recovered and by the time she get to the foster home she was very healthy and strong and looked really good.I found out more about her.One of Father Chen's congregation is a nurse and she sound her in the garbage at the hospital.She picked her up ad care for her for a few days.For some add reason she went to a hospital in Beijing and had her tested there and she landed back up in Xian.Father Chen gave her the name de Lan and it part of the name of Mother Teresa.When I heard that I thought the name Teresa would be appropriate too.

So Teresa is our Roman Catholic Baby.

She will be in the SCMC for surgery when Dr Lazareff who comes from Argentine a predominately Roman Catholic country.

As for Teresa she is doing really well and sleeping her life away, which is always a good sign.I think is great when they pick up so much weight and just sleep all the time.She is a really beautiful baby and I am so glad that you are so involved in her getting surgery so early. Please thank everyone who has been so active in helping her.

Life, Love and Laughter,

Starfish Children's Services
US Tax Number:20-4682916
Xian China

The Second Donation: 3715 RMB worth items has been donated to Starfish on March of 2011.

$200 has been donated to "30 Hour Famine " on April of 2012.