We are now doing rent business as well ! ( Baby/Kid Items & Household Electronics currently)

Send us an email with the list of the items you are interested in renting,we will check the availability of the items and then get back to you via email.

The items can be delivered to your place with a small delivery fee or picked up from Shanghai Secondhand by the renter. The

online actual sale prices of the items will be paid on delivery or picking up (cash only) . The items can be picked up by us with the

same delivery fee or send back to us after your rental period. When you return the items. We will deduct the rental charge and

delivery / pick up fee. The rest of the money will be refund to you.

For now,the maximum rental period is 4 weeks. The items which are not returned after a month will automatically considered SOLD.

The first week(day1-day7),we charge 10% of the sale price.

The seond week(day8-day14),We charge 20% of the sale price.

The third week(day15-day21),We charge 30% of the sale price.

The fourth week(day22-day28), We charge 40% of the sale price.

For Example, a Car seat ,we are selling @ 500rmb at the store. We charge 50rmb for a week,100rmb for 2 weeks,150rmb for

3 weeks and 200rmb for 4 weeks.

You pay 500rmb plus delivery fee when the car seat is sent to you. You return it or schedule us to pick it up on the 9th day, we

return you 500rmb -500*20% - pick up fee(if picking up by us) . You don't contact us or return the car seat after a month,the

car seat will automatically considered SOLD to you.

The books are for rental also. 10rmb each by counting for within 4 weeks.

All of our items will be cleaned and thoroughly checked before delivery. No returns are accepted if the items are broken, baddly

stained or have missing parts.

We are always expanding our selection of items and services so please contact us if you can't find something you need or if you

have any questions.