Shanghai Second Hand

Important Notice: We are now not buying in stuff , but we are still trying to get rid of the inventory we already have. Come and check them out, you will get much much more discount here.

Welcome to Shanghai Second Hand, the store for all your needs while you are in Shanghai.

Are you new to Shanghai and are looking for things to get your place set up? Or you need a few things that you don’t want to buy new? We HAVE it!


We may be willing to COME to YOUR home and buy the stuff from you for cash!

Example items, but not limited to….

Household Electronics       Cell Phone

Kitchen Items          Kid/Baby Items

Small Furniture             Bicycles/Sports Equipments

Bedding/Bathroom         Household Decor

Essentially anything you don’t want anymore that is in Excellent condition!


(business hour: Mon/Wed /Fri/Sat 9:00-18:00 )
189 6413 1036 Jane

Wechat : 189 6413 1036


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