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How to BUY from Shanghai Secondhand:

Our site is updated regularly with items as items are sold and new items come available. If you are looking for something in particular, please send us an email and if we get it in, we can email you.

DELIVERY - You items can be delivered for the exact delivery cost. Most places are from 30 to 60 RMB depending how far you are from Hongkou District. Our regular delivery guy uses a motorcyle, if your items are too large for a motorcyle, we then will deliver using a truck and your fee may be more. We will let you know the delivery fee once your items have been ordered. Upon arrival, please check your items and ensure working condition, then pay delivery guy in cash.

In your email, state the items you would like with a detailed address and phone number and when you would like the items delivered. We will then inform you of the delivery fee and delivery time and wait for your confirmation to deliver the items.

If there is an item you would like to check out before you buy, we can send our delivery guy with the items, you can keep which ever items you like and give the rest back to the delivery guy and he will return them to us. You will still need to pay his delivery fee even if no items are purchased.

RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY - We accept returns/exchanges within 7 days for electronics only if the item is broken. Once the item arrives at your house, it is your responsibility to make sure the item was received in working condition. After that, we can send the delivery guy to pick up an item you would like to return, but the pick up fee will be paid by you. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The delivery fee will be readjusted in some areas of Shanghai from Jan 1st 2011,you may consult the detailed information by phone or email. Thanks!