We buy the item from you for....


If you have items you would like to sell please email us with a detailed description of all items along with pictures. We will then reply back to you with our offer and any questions we have. We may pick up your items from you if you have enough items. but cannot come to your house just to look at items or discuss price. This mainly must be communicated by email. Please let us know if you have any questions!



Consign your items - You bring us the item and we place in on the website, you set the price of your item,and we 
take care of selling it.You then keep 80% of your price and we keep 20%. We can arrange pickup of your items for a small fee (labor + truck/motorcycle fee). This will be deducted when all your items have sold. The money can be picked up or delivered using the delivery fee to your area.
     The minimum consignment fee that is charged is 10 rmb. example - your selling price 25 rmb * 20% = 5 rmb, but our fee is still 10 rmb.

PS: As we don't have big space for storage for now. So we only accept some certain items for consignment.